Hidden Medicines

Revealing the orgasmic truth about who we are. 

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Connect with your inner wisdom

Remember your connection to life

Reveal the orgasmic truth about who you are

And discover the purpose of life

Hidde Proyecte Madre

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“Mother Earth is speaking,

it is time to listen to what she is saying
and act as custodians of this planet.

Caring for the land and for all life we share it with.
For the future generations, for love, for our great Mother.”

– Arhuaco tribe, Colombia – 
The Guardians of the Earth

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To heal our relationschip with life,
We need to understand the laws of nature.
Rebuild our communities,
Protect our sacred land,
gather in cirkels, 
and weave our heart with life.
Connect with our god Self! 
Embodied and alive as the ecstatic beings that we are. 
Reclaiming our sovereignty as gods children.
The Roots of our essence! 
Enjoying the great mysteries of life.
Allowing more of our true Self to be seen.