Ananda | Hidde 

Founder of Hidden Medicines

Hidde is a passionate adventurer exploring the mysteries of the world.
Curious and eager to learn, he dives into the unknown.
Studying the esoteric and the occult in order to find true meaning in life.
He is an optimistic philosopher, visionary and humanist leader,
willing to create an ethical utopia on Earth. 

In 2012 his awakening journey began. With open eyes, shocked to see the world for what it is, feeling..
“What the fuck are we doing? How did we get here? Who am I?
What is Love? And, how do we move forward.”

Driven by soul to find answers.
In the recent decade making several journeys, experiencing different cultures, communities and traditions.

Now without a judge-mental heart and an open view on life,
longs to serve the world, in order to restore balance. 

Studying with the profound wisdom of the Arhuaco tribe in Colombia, made an important imprint on him,
which was needed to oversee how to move forward or actually backwards in our Western world.

Studying with the Piaroa tribe in Venzuela and the Yopo medicine gave him a powerful tool,
helping to find and build a firm connection within.
A tradition from the Amazon which goes back thousands of years and has hardly changed since then.
He is grateful for the blessings to share this medicine in the west.

Authentic expression and dance are an essential medicine for Hidde.
Temples are a gateway, that helped him to find the unconditional love where his soul was longing for. 

Now Hidde is offering foundation and guidance to find your strength within.
The essence is hidden in a paradox. It’s so simple your ego can not grasp it.
You are the one you have been looking for.
 You can only find it when you stop looking.
Surrender, and with awareness, dis-identify yourself from you mind and thoughts.
Arriving in the mystery, the void, beyond your limitations. 

Forces in the world, like the church, had great influence on our ancestors and their relationship with the land.
It is important to understand and heal our conditioning of society,
in order to liberate our being and reclaim our roots and our connection with the Earth as sovereign beings.

We travel through collective and ancestral dimensions to open the doors to our future.
Hidde is a channel and bridge for the wisdom and legacy of these tribes.
He invites you to step through the gate and discover your orgasmic potential. 

His work is on the frontier of our western society, where shamanism and sacred sexuality meet.
How do we build a community anchored in love and in deep relationship with nature, animals and plants
as Custodians of this planet?

We need to learn how to surrender to life and to take charge of our life.
It is not the destination that matters but the journey.
So let’s have fun, play, and dance. 

Gratitude to all my teachers, Bunkwanu, Piaroa grandfather and shaman Bolivar & Julio, Arhuaco Mamu Felix and all the others. 

Adiwa, Namasté, In Lak’ech ala K’in, Ohm, Aho p

Hiddes Medicines