Hidde Mewiss

I am Hidde Mewiss, a spiritual guide and facilitator dedicated to helping you awaken to your true self,
discover the meaning of life, and heal your wounds.

As an Aries with a Leo ascendant, my fiery spirit and passion for self-discovery fuel my commitment to guiding others on their own journeys.
In 2012, I awakened to the matrix and embarked on a profound personal transformation. I understand the struggles and challenges that can arise from living in a world
that may feel disconnected from our authentic essence.

Through my own experiences and extensive exploration,
I have delved deep into a variety of practices and teachings.
I have studied conspiracy theories, allowing me to challenge conventional beliefs and inspire critical thinking.
Meditation has become a cornerstone of my work, enabling to find inner peace, mindfulness, and clarity.
I have delved into the realms of plant medicines, exploring their transformative power for spiritual growth and healing.

My studies in tantra, mythology, symbolism, and sacred geometry have deepened my understanding
 of the profound connections between the physical and spiritual realms.
I incorporate these teachings into my sessions to facilitate a holistic approach to well-being.

Yoga, ecstatic dance, and contact improv are integral parts of my practice,
helping to connect with the body, expressing authentically,
and tap into creative energies.
Crystal healing and channeling allow me to work with the subtle energies
and higher wisdom to support deep healing and spiritual guidance.

Breath-work and body de-armoring techniques are utilized to release emotional blockages
 and facilitate profound transformation on a cellular level.
I have had the privilege of learning from indigenous tribes such as the Arhuaco and Piaroa,
enriching my understanding of ancient wisdom and healing practices.

Family constellations and Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy provide powerful tools to explore
and heal ancestral patterns, unresolved family dynamics, and inner conflicts.
These modalities support the integration of wholeness and harmony into your life.

At Hidden Medicines, I offer individual sessions, workshops, and retreats to assist you in
reconnecting with your true essence, healing your wounds, and uncovering the hidden treasures within.
Together, we will embark on a transformative journey, awakening the medicines that lie dormant within you.

It is time to embrace your authentic self, heal, and align with your life’s purpose.
Join me at Hidden Medicines and embark on a profound exploration of your inner world,
where transformation and healing await.

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