BOdywork sessions

My style is a mix of various technics gathered over the years.
Best described as shamanic, tantric, body de-armoring.

I love physical touch and have an intuitive feeling for healing and awakening your energy system. 
I use soft and strong touch that penetrates to deeper layers of
pleasure and pain, giving opportunity for deep feeling and healing.

I invite playfulness and innocence.
I work with love, respect and sacredness. 

Sessions can be in your home or in Amsterdam. 

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Quick fix 30 a 45 min session. 
Price € 44,-  
Realignment 60 a 75 min session. 
Price €88,- 
Full body deep session 120 a 180 min session. 
Price € 234,- 

You can also gift one of my sessions to your friend or partner.