Hidden Medicines

The Natural | Original Laws

Hidden Medicines makes profound hidden wisdom known again. 
Revealing the orgasmic truth about who we are. 
It is the medicine our world needs right now.
A real Hidden Treasure.
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Mother Earth is speaking.
it is time to listen. 
Acting as custodians of the Earth.
Connected with the Spirits and the elements of nature.
Caring for the land and for all life we share it with.
Healing the relationship with the planet and each other.
By returning ancestral wisdom, recuperation of sacred land, building community,
gathering in cirkels and studying the mysteries of life. 
Allowing more of ourself to be seen.
Fully embodied and alive as the ecstatic sovereign beings that we are. 
Weaving our hearts with life on our beautiful Planet.
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Hidden Medicines | Reclaiming our Roots
A 7 day tribal and embodied experience on The beautiful land of “Ottermeer” in Holland. 
Reclaiming our Roots, With the help of Ancestral wisdom, temple rituals and shamanic ceremonies of various indigenous tribes. 
We invite the people who came to Earth to help mankind ascend.
We are not alone, we are One.
Uniting in the sacred circle.
We are the ones we have been waiting for. 

For future generations, for life, for love, for our Mother.

In connection we make love with life, we dream and we create.
A  journey with joy and tears, embracing the light & the dark.