Assistent facilitator | Shamanic dance journeys

I have a professional background in the dance & theater world.
I really found my own dance during my introduction to Ecstatic Dance about 6 years ago.
Since then I have been exploring myself in dance.
Dance for dance, the dance anchors deeper and deeper in me.
Dance, the language of my soul, comes where words will never come.
In it I can literally let everything flow through me.
Dance is so rich, so diverse and such a powerful medicine.
I feel that it is so much more than just the outer form or the internal experience.
It is an alchemical place where essential underlying layers in the development of people can come to the surface.
I like to bring its power into the midst of people.
So that you can become a part of it.
The ‘journeys’ I create touch on collective themes and invite you to join me on an inner journey.

Through my rich experience in theater, dance, my self-study with plant medicine,
my emotional life and my life experience, I create an embodied bed where I create
 a place for people and guide them through imagination, dance and movement to their inner world.

Our body is a powerful instrument that longs to be fully experienced and inhabited.
A (re)discovery of being human.

For me, life is a path of remembering….