Luna Rosa

My passion for cooking started at a young age. Ever since I remember, I used to love spending time in the kitchen. Watching my parents make dinner, helping where I could, taking in everything. Outside in the backyard I had my own make belief kitchen, where I cooked with plants that I found and a little flour that I got from my mom. Then again asking whether I could put my ‘make belief muffins’ in the actual oven.

Over the years I started making actual cakes for friends and family. I loved putting in all my attention for a full day, or even more, to create happiness for that someone. Seeing the sparkle of happiness in their eyes.

Later on, as I started studying, I got my first job in a kitchen, a vegan pancake place. A place where I learned a lot about a professional kitchen, and how such a place operates. I learned about the practicalities of the trade and also about the hardships. It was where I could let my creativity flow, in the presentation of the food. At some point I started to feel limited in what I could do there and it was time to move on. Time for a new adventure!

When me and my partner were having dinner at an Indian place we just happened to cycle past, tears filled my eyes after having the main course. It was the first time, since the last time I was in India that I tasted those real Indian flavors. Food, when it has been made so well, can make me so emotional. The way you can taste how so much love and passion has been put into it touches my heart and makes me so happy. My partner challenged me to ask them for a job, saying he would pay the bill if I would. And so, a couple of weeks later, I had a new job and my dinner was payed for!

Working here was such a joy, and funny at first too. The Indians working in the kitchen couldn’t help but be startled about my knowledge of Indian cooking. How does a young dutch woman know so much about the Indian kitchen they kept on asking. Well this started when I first traveled to India with my parents as a ten year old girl. I fell in love with the culture and, as I always say, the extreme intensity of this culture. Everything is an explosion here, the colors, the smells, the traffic, the people, the flavors…. And somehow there is structure amidst all this chaos. Everything runs “smoothly” in its own way. But, as you might expect, my favorite part of India is the food. The unique combination of flavors and textures, especially in street food. It is something that has developed over hundreds of years through generations. Knowledge of technique and flavor that are so close to the heart, passed on to the next, changed just slightly by every generations personal touch and thereby ever evolving.

Anyhow, as you might have read, my passion for the Indian kitchen goes quite deep. And this is what I love to bring through my food to you. The way that food is such an important part of everyday life. Waking up, already thinking what we might have for dinner today. Going on an adventure to find your ingredients. The fact that being in the kitchen all day long, putting all your attention in creating that delicious dish, is honored and not looked down upon. We are our food. And so, this is what I hope to offer you. Food that is made with love, passion and, creativity. Nurturing and sparking joy!

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