Alwin Alani & Mariëtte Mariri

Assistent facilitators

Reclaiming our Roots_Mariette

Mariëtte Mariri

Asistent facilitator | Sahumadora | Kambo facilitator | Yopo assistent

Mariette Mariri has been working for about 15 years now, deepening herself in several beautiful currents that lead her inwards and from there outwards. Living from joy and love, in connection with everything around us. This journey began with yoga, meditation, Buddhism and Taoism and various healing techniques (NLP, emotional bodywork, Healing Tao, dance and breathwork). For the last seven years she has been walking a path connected to medicine and plants. This includes the teachings of the Spiral School (Kogi Tribe from Colombia) and doing dietas in the Amazon. She has worked with women with the Yoni and Womb healing and has a passion for music and singing. Part of the Earth Tribe and Sahumadora. Kambo practitioner, coach, study with the medicine Yopo and connected with women. 

Alwin Alani

Asistent Facilitator | Fire Keeper | Kambo facilitator | Yopo assistent

Alwin Alani has been studying and serving the Kambo Medicine for 8 years, finding a deep love in the frog medicine which always guides him back within. From the Kambo arose many gifts in his life like the Earth Tribe, the group he formed with friends, which is all about connecting as a family, to nature, to ourselfs and with our Roots. He has been co-organizing, co-creating and assisting many Plant Medicine ceremonies and other Spiritual work like the Spiral School, with the teachings of the indigenous tribes of Colombia with the Earth Tribe collective. The family has been expanding ever since and this family has been the biggest wish for himself and for everyone on Earth. He is now supporting many interconnected circles with his energy of joy and feeling welcome simply as you are. Wherever there is a Sacred Fire you can find him and he is a dedicated Firekeeper in many circles. He has been deepening his study with Plant Dietas in search for more firmness and connecting on a deeper level with the silence that speaks within. Last two years his study with the Yopo Medicine has started by assisting and hosting ceremonies. Supporting all these ceremonies and circles always remind him that all is there within and that we are the Medicine. With gratitude from the Heart.