Piaroa Medicine

About the Piaroa ceremony

Piaroa medicine is also called Ñuá in the language of the Wotuja tribe, who are in the west better known as the ‘Piaroas’.
Ñuá stands for the nasal sound. The Wotuja people are living on the base of the Orinoco river in the Amazon of Venezuela.

The knowledge of the Ñuá medicine was almost lost due to the Spanish arrival and went into hiding for many centuries.
Around 10 years ago grandfather and Shaman Bolivar of the Wotuja tribe got the vision to share their technology and
 opened their unbroken tradition for their brothers and sisters spread over the world.
That is why the Yo..po medicine is still very unknown in the west, but now slowly findings it’s way. 

What is it? 
Ñuá is a combination of plants with the seed of an Acacia tree as the main ingredient.
The seeds are prepared in a powder which is inhaled through the nose with a special pipe.
Before we take the Ńuá we eat the root bark off the vine that works as a mao inhibitor.

About me
My name is Hidde and I am very honored to share this medicine with permission of Wotuja grandfather and Shaman Julio,
right hand of grandfather Bolivar for over 40 years. The last years I have been studying the Piaroa tradition and
visited the tribe in the Amazon various times.
Since 2018 I have been serving this medicine around the world, continuing their legacy. 

This alchemical mix contains some of the highest frequencies of the Amazon. 
In the Wotuja mythology they speak about a woman who is the spirit of all medicines, her name is Chejeru.
Her body is made of all the medicinal plants of the earth.
She has a crown of thorns and it is said that the thorns off the Acacia tree indicates that Ñuá is the crown of medicines.
Terence McKenna suggests in his book that Ñuá led to the discovery of the Aya.. brew. 

Ñuá acacia seeds

What does it do? 
Yopo brings you in the here and now, with on the one hand, a confrontation with the ego and, on the other, 
the realization of oneness (true self).
Ñuá has been used for healing and seeing in South America for over 4000 thousands years.
This medicine tradition is designed to conquer ourselves and achieve an equilibrium of peace and love in our daily life. 

The communication with Yopo is very direct, clear and loving.
If feels like a grandmother, taking you by the hand and gently showing you what needs to been seen, step by step.
Also it will be challenging to remain in your center and sit stil while the medicine shows us our resistance and monkey mind.

The sacred Vine 
Eating the bark off the root vine is very precious and one of the most potent parts of the plant, also known as the Mother, one of the main ingredients in the Aya brew.
The connection with the root prior to the Ñuá is deeply grounding, bringing you into silence, peace and a deep state of meditation.

Why this ceremony? 
This ceremony is a unique opportunity to connect in a traditional way with the spirit of the Ñuá.
You receive a powerful transmission of the highest frequencies of the Amazon, that will change your life.
The Ńuá medicine and the grandfathers will be with us in the ceremony to share their wisdom, visions and healing.

How does the ceremony look like?
We start at 19:00 and journey until early morning. When the ceremony ends we sleep and when we wake up we have a sharing round.
The ceremony ends no later than 14:00. The group size is max 10 people. 

In the ceremony we start in a circle and give an introduction about the tradition of the Wotuja.
Leading up to the Ñuá we first connect with the Sacred Vine.
This prepares the body for the experience with the Ñuá.

The guidelines; After eating the Vine, the Ñuá journey takes place with eyes closed in one (seated) posture.
You travel in stillness. The ceremony leader sings traditional songs.

The start 
The medicine is taken around midnight unless it is a day ceremony and we do this by sniffing the ground powder with a Yopera,
a Y tube-like instrument. Sniffing the medicine is neither painful nor unpleasant.

The Experience
The experience of Ñuá begins within 5 minutes and slowly builds up.
The body starts warming up and you get a tingling sensation all over the body.
You experience a physical awareness and possible discomfort that invites you to purify the body (regularly in the form of vomiting).
This is to detoxify the body, open and tune the energy channels. 

Visual images may follow. Some visuals aim to undo the mechanisms of our thought structures.
This is an important aspect which makes room for new perspectives.

One of the effects of Ñuá is that it shows our monkey mind and ego clearly to us.
We learn not to stay identified with our thoughts and not to let fear guide our lives. 
We learn how to remain in the Eye of the Storm, the perceiving consciousness.
We are not our thoughts and in this ceremony we learn not to lose ourselves in the stories,
not only in the ceremony but also afterwards in your daily life. 

The experience brings a sense of gratitude and understanding.
It supports us in discovering our true selves and being able to live from the eyes of love.
Only from Pure Love can we truly understand each other, because love is what we are. 

The Closing
After about 2 hours, you feel that the effects slowly start to wane and you start to land.
There is a possibility for a second or third round depending on the group.
Everyone lands from their journey at about the same time, after which we enjoy some music and the afterglow of the journey.
We then conclude the ceremony with a short sharing session.