Private ceremony

New Offering!

Private ceremony 1 on 1 
Small group ceremony 2-3 p

Compared to a group ceremony we go much deeper into the topics that are present in your life
and I can give more personal attention, guidance and nuanced support.

The intention of the Piarao medicine tradition is to establish
equanimity and peace in your daily life.
The medicine teaches us how to be in our center,
and enjoy the simplicity of life.

What characterizes my work is the fusion of the ancient plant medicine tradition of the Piaroa with
meditation, family constellation work, western psychology (IFS), somatic & trauma therapy,
emotional release practices, shadow work, non violent communication and authentic relating.

In my ceremonies I use my intuition and abilities to work with energy
to give readings and healing, enegitical and hands on bodywork.
I am known for my direct and transparent communication,
which can be both powerful as wel as confronting.

The connecting with the body and our emotions is essential in my work.
I support you to open up your body and your heart so you can connect with your true self,
your power, your inner wisdom and your purpose in life. 

Private session – sliding scale 400-800 euro
Small group 2-3 – sliding scale 300-600 euro

Ceremony dates on request!

Send me a text or an email, if you are interested to work with me.
I look forward to be in service!

Warm greetings Hidde