Thanks so much for your interest in the Reclaiming our Roots retreat!

We will have a unique 7-day deep journey together where we will experience various ceremonies and rituals. We create a balance of connecting with nature in silence and having high energy group experiences. As a group we will explore what reclaiming our roots really means. This will be different for each of us, since everyone has their own journey in life. We will all be able to relate to the work in our own way. We use this container for a profound inner transformation into becoming more rooted on the earth and in our own body. Feeling more empowered and liberated in our authentic expression.

Sharing is an important element in our community. We will create small groups called Pods, with 4 like minded participants and one Pod group leader. During the retreat you will create a deeper bound with these people. Every morning you come together to share what is moving in you. This is an important part of the process. The Pod group can serve as a family and a place where you can build trust, friendship and find support.

The plant medicine ceremonies in this retreat will function as a subtle support in our work. We intent to keep a healthy balance, where there is enough energy and space for integration time. We don’t want to overwhelm you with the overall experience and keep a healthy focus in the group. As always, in our work you never have to do anything that you don’t feel or want to do. We do encourage and support you to partake in all the ceremonies. We also encourage you to partake in any way that feels good for you.

The first day
This will be a day for landing and connecting. There will be a special opening ritual where we will guide you on a journey to connect with yourself and as a group. We will talk about what ‘roots’ really mean for us, and why as a group we believe it is important to reclaim our roots. This day we will set our intentions and share our prayers.

Tribal Gathering

The second day
In the morning we will begin with a water ritual in the lake, to cleanse and vitalize us. Later that day we have a sweat lodge. An ancient tradition where we go into the dark. The womb of mother Earth. Outside there will be a big fire. The fire keepers will guard the fire and hold space while we go inside the sweat lodge. The stones in the fire are called ancestors. One by one the stones will enter in the center of the hut. When we pour water over the stones we will begin to sweat. We sit on the earth and connect with Pachamama. Together we create a powerful vortex that supports our process of purifying and healing. We leave the mother womb reborn.

The essence of the ceremony is based on one of the oldest religions in the world: the belief in nature, also called Animism. This assumes that everything has a soul and that we are all part of a greater whole. Everything is connected to each other. Man is not central in this, but mother Earth. She who carries us, gives us life, feeds us and takes us back when we die.

We will do our best to make this experience suitable for everyone.


The third day
We start the day with a breathing exercise. In the afternoon we start our Uni ceremony. Held by Malika, Hannelore & Job. For more information about the facilitators visit our website, This ceremony is a mix of various traditions, with influences of the Yawanawa tribe in Brasil. The spirit of this sacred tea will guide us to heal and gain insight, supporting our work as a group and as a collective. The ceremony evening will be filled with hearth-based, live medicine music, singing, dancing and Rapé.

Uni ceremony

The fourth day
We start our daily routine with a dip in the lake, a morning practice and the Pod sharing. After our daily routine we have a Kambo ceremony. The rest of the day we will have time to rest, integrate and connect together as a group. We gather in a sacred circle to talk and share about what is coming up for us in order to heal it together.

Kambo is a wonderful jungle medicine that gives your body a deep cleansing on all levels; physical, emotional and spiritual. Kambo boosts the immune system and helps you to let go of what is no longer needed. The Kambo will be facilitated by Mariette and Alwin, with beautiful live music and loving support.


The fifth day
After having our daily morning routine we start with a Yopo ceremony. Facilitated by Hidde, Shana, Mariette and Alwin. Yopo is an ancient medicine from the Piaroa tribe in Venezuela. This plant teacher helps us to heal and to become firmly anchored in our body and into our heart. The medicine re-aligns and empowers our whole system. It can also be a confrontation with yourself and your ego. One of the effects of Yopo is that it dissolves our masks and our ego, so that we can experience our true selves. For more info about Yopo visit

Yopo Medicine

The sixth day
We have time for integration and processing. We gather in a circle to talk and share. In the afternoon we take you on a journey called “The point of surrender” this journey is about surrendering to life and discovering our inner power in connection with others.

In the evening we go on a shamanic dance journey. The roots of shamanic trance dancing echo back to our distant past, through many cultures. Shamans and ancient people used rhythm of shamanic drumming, or repetitive chanting and clapping to enter hidden realms inside, where we connect with our spirit & the Great Mystery.

We use this dancing ritual as a rite of passage. Letting go off the old and receiving the new through the movements of the body on the sounds of the shamanic music. We have the opportunity to express ourselves and unleash our inner power. This journey is about surrendering to life and celebrating a new beginning.

We look forward to dance and celebrate with you the last night of the retreat. A day to remember.

Hidden Medicines | Reclaiming our Roots

The seventh day
On our final day we have an extended sharing, integration and closing ceremony. We share a power ritual where we make an offering and say thanks to mother Earth on the land where we have been journeying on. We finish with a community cleanup and exchanging of hugs, closing the container and continuing our journey, exploring the great mystery of life.

Hidden Medicines

The land, the water and the spirits in nature are our teachers and will support us on our journey. We believe the camping experience adds to the overall tribal experience.

You can bring your own tent, caravan or camper. Do you like a little more comfort? Send an email to to check for available accommodation.

The location has clean, hot showers and a beautiful lake for refreshing swims.
There are camping spots with electricity available and plenty of caravan spots (no extra charge).


We recommend to have a conscious preparation before you come to the retreat. Make sure your are well rested before your arrival. We highly recommend to plan a minimum of 2 days after the retreat finished for integration time. Prepare yourself mentally for the journey, you are going to experience powerful energies and plant spirits. More detailed information about preparations will follow later.


If there are any more questions don’t hesitate to write us. If you want to speak to the organization, we would be happy to speak with you on the phone or video call.

Warm greetings the Reclaiming our Roots team