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A journey back to the natural original laws.
Weaving our hearts with life on our beautiful Planet.
A 7-day tribal and embodied experience with ancestral wisdom,
Temple rituals and shamanic ceremonies of various indigenous tribes.

A new tribe is rising in rainbow colors, anchored in love and devoted to life,
dreaming the world green again.
Returning to community living in harmony with nature and each other.
Remembering and strengthening our direct connection with spirit.
Restoring the balance in our inner- and outer world.
Stepping in our power, fully alive and embodied.
Embracing our authentic expression and soul mission as a sovereign being. 

We are the guardians of the Earth.
Caring for the land and for all life we share it with.
Connected to the spirits and the elements of nature.
Welcoming the wisdom and the support of our ancestors.


Ancestral teachings | community building | land recuperation | sweat-lodge | various shamanic ceremonies | temple ritual | Shamanic dance journeys


Meet the Facilitators

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Hidden Medicines | Reclaiming our Roots | Malika
Malika Nomashahu

Uni ceremony

Hidden Medicines | Reclaiming our Roots | Job & Hannelore
JOb & Hannelore

Uni ceremony

Hidden Medicines | Reclaiming our Roots | Hidde
Ananda Hidde

Organizer | Yopo | Shamanic dance journeys

Hidden Medicine | Mariette
Mariëtte Mariri

Kambo | Yopo | Sahumadora

Alwin Alani

Kambo | Yopo | Fire Keeper

Hidden Medicines | Reclaiming our Roots | Shana
Shana Malu

Yopo | Assistant

Judith Hermarij

Shamanic dance journeys | Assistant

Jurgen van de Ven

Kitchen chef

Our calling

We invite the people who came to Earth, to help mankind ascend.
We are not alone, we are One.
Uniting in sacred circles.
We are the ones we have been waiting for. 

God created a dream where he forgot who he was in order to experience life.
We are here to experience life.
To grow, learn, enjoy and participate in that dream.
Transcending duality and arriving in Heaven on Earth.

In connection we make love with life, we dream and we create.
A  journey with joy and tears, embracing the darkness & the light.


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Is this retreat for you?

Do you have the desire to contribute to a better world?
Do you believe in community and the sacred relationship with nature?
Are you looking for more satisfaction, meaning and love in life?
Do you long to discover and carry out your mission on Earth?
Do you want to align your life and body with your soul?
Do you want to be more empowered, ecstatic and orgasmic?
Do you want to deepen your relation with natural medicines?
Have you already made steps on your personal development journey?
And are you ready for a deeply transformative experience? 

If you answer yes to some of these questions, and you are feeling the calling of this retreat,
we invite you to send in the application-form,
When we receive your application, we will invite you for an intake call. 
There are only a limited number of spaces available, maximum 25.

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“listen deeply.
Mother Earth is speaking.
it is time to listen to what she is saying
and Act as custodians of the Earth.
Connected with the Spirits and the elements of nature.
Caring for the land and for all life we share it with.
For the future generations, for life, for love, for our Mother.”
– Arhuaco tribe, Colombia – 
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