Reclaiming our Roots

R.o.r.r. Retreat 2023​ NL

23 - 29 oktober

Upcoming hidden medicine – 7 day retreat
Shamanic ceremonies and temple rituals. 
Ancestral wisdom and indiginous healing modalities. 
Learning about the original laws of nature
Weaving our heart with life.
An embodied healing experience. 
Tribal Gathering
A new tribe is rising in rainbow colors,
anchored in love and devoted to life,
dreaming the world green again.
Returning to community living
in harmony with nature and each other.
Remembering and strengthening
our direct connection with spirit.
Restoring the balance in our inner-
and outer world.
Stepping in our power, fully alive and embodied.
Embracing our authentic expression
and soul mission. 

We are the guardians of the Earth.
Caring for the land and for all life we share it with.
Connected to the spirits and the elements of nature.
Welcoming the wisdom and the support of our ancestors.