Rorr retreat is postponed

23-29 oktober 2023

This journey is an exploration into the meaning of life and our purpose as an human being.
We envision our evolution as humanity on this planet.

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to get disconnected and forget what life really is about! 
That’s why it’s essential to pause, reflect, and reconnect.

This retreat is designed to provide a natural and empowering environment where
you can embark on a profound journey of self-discovery, reconnection with nature, and 
a place where you can experience personal and ancestral healing.

What is included in this retreat?

Sweat lodge ceremony – Liza Hokke
Sacred Uni tea ceremony with grandmother Aya – Malika, Job & Hannelore
Piaroa snuff medicine ceremony – Hidde, Koen & Shanna
Kambo, frog detox ceremony – Job & Hannelore
Despacho earth gratitude ceremony 
Ceremony of self-expression and connection through dance and movement – Judith
Various sharing cirkels and a deep meeting with life and each other

* participation in ceremonies is optional *

Healthy food buffet (organic) – vegetarian / vegan optional
Free camping accommodation

You will be able to emmerge yourself fully in the program, the tribal community experience and the nurturing surroundings.
Making new steps starts here! 

Reserve your initial meeting now and discover how we can achieve your goals in life together.

We'll explore the following topics:

Our connection to nature

Is often a neglected part of our roots. We’ll have time to connect with nature,
where you can experience the beauty and healing power of our mother.
Family Heritage

Each of us comes from a unique background that shapes our beliefs, values, and traditions.
We’ll have sharing cirkels where people can share their experiences and heal together.

Community Building

Our roots are not just about our individual histories but also about the communities we long to create together. 
We’ll have a conversations on how we can build and sustain healthy and supportive communities that honor our roots as human beings.
Forge meaningful connections with like-minded individuals who are on a similar journey of self-discovery and empowerment. 

the transformative experiences you can expect during this retreat

Sharing Circles and Community

Participate in intimate sharing circles where you can authentically express yourself, share your experiences,
and be heard in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. These circles foster deep connection, empathy, and collective wisdom.

Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Experience the transformative power of a traditional sweat lodge ceremony guided by experienced practitioners.
The sweat lodge offers a sacred space for purification, release, and connection with the elements.
It allows you to shed physical and emotional toxins, while embracing the wisdom of the earth and your ancestral lineage.


Expression is an essential part of human nature. 
You’ll have the opportunity to connect with your body, release stagnant energy, and tap into your authentic expression.
Explore the power of movement and dance as a means of embodiment, self-discovery, and healing.


Take part in activities focused on self-empowerment, personal growth, and manifestation.
These activities provide practical tools, mindset shifts, and techniques to reclaim your personal power,
build self-confidence, and create the life you desire.
Throughout the retreat, your safety, well-being, and comfort are our top priorities.
Our experienced facilitators and practitioners create a nurturing environment where you can explore and grow at your own pace,
ensuring that you feel supported every step of the way.

Sacred Uni tea ceremony with grandmother Aya 

Uni is a sacred tea, which shamans from the Amazons have been using since the very beginning of time to heal,
to connect to Spirit, to find guidance and perspective, or vision. 
Most of all the Uni is a big Mystery that will be slowly revealed to each one drinking the tea.The Uni can help you to open up your consciousness and open up a spiritual connection and path.
What has been hidden in the subconsciousness can be revealed, both the treasures as well as the shadows.
The treasures are a blessing to receive and the shadows as well as they are an opportunity to transform them
by bringing them in the light of compassion and understanding.
In that way we can set the energies that block us in daily life free to step by step live a life with more truth, peace, and love.
The Uni we serve is beautiful and strong and made with a lot of love.

Kambo frog detox ceremony

Kambo the sacred traditional medicine revered by indigenous tribes in the Amazon, derived from the secretions of the Phyllomedusa Bicolor frog. This extraordinary medicine has been utilized for centuries to alleviate depression, remove bad luck, and purify the body through its powerful detoxifying properties. Safe, legal, and profoundly transformative, Kambo’s bioactive peptides offer a multitude of benefits for acute and chronic conditions, promoting harmony in the body, mind, and spirit.

Piaroa snuff medicine ceremony

Engage in a sacred ceremony, facilitated by Hidde, Shana and Koen.
The Piaroa medicine is a traditional South American plant medicine,
which can provide profound insights, emotional healing, and expanded consciousness.
Participation in the ceremony is optional. For more information click here

In addition to these activities, we’ll provide healthy meals, and plenty of opportunities for relaxation and self-reflection.
You’ll also have support from an experienced team of facilitators who can provide individual guidance and support as needed.
We believe that reclaiming our roots is a vital part of personal growth, healing, and resilience.

We hope that you’ll join us on this journey of self-discovery and connection.

Team members


What ?

What is included in this retreat?

A deep meeting with life and each other! 
Ceremony of self-expression and connection through dance and movement
Sweat lodge ceremony
Sacred Uni tea ceremony with grandmother Aya
Piaroa snuff medicine ceremony
Frog detox ceremony – optional (price not included)
Despacho earth gratitude ceremony
* participation for ceremonies is optional *

7 days delicious and healthy food buffet (organic) 
Free camping accommodation outdoors or in dorm. 

You will be able to immerse yourself fully in the program, the community experience and the beautiful surrounding nature. 

Accommodation options

2 beautiful Bungalows 
2 caravanas
1 Yurt 
Outdoor camping – Free
Indoor community dorm – Free


Price: Until September  14th
1100 *Low income (few spots)
1400 Regular Price *Normal income

1800  *High income

Price: From September 14th
1300  *Low income (few spots)
1600  *Normal income
2000  *High income

Payment is possible with Iban,  Paypal, Wise, Cash and Bitcoin. 
Invoice = possible

Any Questions?

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Sponsorships / Partnerships

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Donation to the Arhuaco 

We are very grateful to the collaboration with the venue with the collection of  10.000,- euro in 2022 to buy back land for the Arhuaco tribe. 
In 2023 we are again supporting the Arhuaco with donating to this beautiful project. For more info about the Arhuaco visit

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