Do you have a desire to contribute to a better world?
Are you looking for more fulfillment, meaning and love in life?
Do you long to discover and carry out your mission on earth?
Do you want to align your life and body with your soul?
Do you want to be more in your power?
Are you ready for a deeply transformational experience and would you like help with that?

It is my passion to empower people, and to awaken their inner potential.
I help you to walk your soul-path.
With my high sensitivity I help with the proper alignment of your body and soul.
I help you plant seeds and nurture them so that you can fulfill your dreams on earth.

My Story

I have always led an adventurous life but did not find the fulfillment my soul longed for deep inside.

At the end of 2012 my awakening journey begun.
Who am I really and what do I want with my life?

In recent years I have searched intensively for answers in
spirituality, occult, shamanism, philosophy, mythology, meditation, dance, tantra etc. 

My search has led me to more meaning, authenticity,
health, love and an open view of life. 

In the end, everything is within us.
You are the one you have been searching for. This is the great Paradox.
I help people get to the core of their being quickly and efficiently
and carry it out into the world.

The experiences and the wisdom that I have gathered I share through transmission. 
Various tools and rituals can support this process.
It is important that the essence of the work and the power of the transmission is recognized.
 And that there is a willingness to enter into this sacred transition with a balanced exchange.

Step 1
Connecting to the source of your inner power.
Aligning your body and soul.
Releasing limiting beliefs.
Creating a new mindset.

Step 2
Healing old emotional and spiritual wounds and blockades.
Healing in the family lines and ending old patterns.

Step 3
Who are you and what is your mission on earth.
Activation of your soul mission.

Step 4
Possible next steps.
Further development of a vision of the future related to your mission on earth.
Development of a businessplan related to your mission with
support and guidance.


Single sessions. 
3 month journeys. 
3 days intensive initiation. 
Private ceremonies with plant medicine.

Sessions can also take place online.  
If you are curious send me a message for an info call.