Koen, Shana En Selah DIl

Shana Malu

Proclamation of I

All feelings are safe with me 

Untethered ground is my home base 

I weave compassionately and in unity

I light candles and poke fire

Your expansion makes my heart soar

In service of consciousness

I guide, I bear, I create, I witness, I hold and I roar


Soft touch, intentional movements

Fire is the element of my soul

Water of my feelings

My heart dances in between 

I am strong. I am gentle

Resilient to the last breathe 

I stand

And if everything fails, I dance 

Through life, with life, as life

I own my own. And even that isn’t mine, but Thine

An introvert, dressed up as an extrovert 

Shyness as a quality, so I blush

I forget time. I take time, I make time

Forever late. Mostly on point

This journey is mine

I enjoy pleasure. Unapologetically

Try me

I was born to do many things  

Blossoming slowly

Here to master 

Not to perfection, but to satisfaction 

Feeling my way into life.

Attunement as my surfboard

I appear as a mother, friend, lover, partner


I am an everlasting student

Piercer of veils

Can get lost in the clouds

Still an apprentice of all sorts

I stumble

I tumble

I fall

I will get back up again

Your feelings don’t scare me 

Undress. I will listen with my heart

Secret admirer of you, I am 

Tell no one

I notice, I feel, I sense, I hold, I care

I love deeply and connect truly 

Unattached to the reciprocity

Longer of depth

Yours fully 

Time bender

In need of s p a c e 

Tough nut, but the heart is tender

Loyal to the bone. Free as a bird 

Hermeting my way through life

In de shadows, in the corners

In the nooks and crannies of the mind

Dancing in the spotlights

I have no fear, although fear sometimes has me. I surrender and hold tight to what is dear

Many lifetimes ahead

I have a lot to unlearn

I am on it

Holder of hands

Giver of hugs

Kisses.. Sometimes 

I do bite

Honesty makes my heart move

Ultimately there is intricate simplicity

In dedication to truth wholeheartedly

There is room in my heart for many 

I choose wisely

I don’t cut out, I fade away

With a sincere smile

I have secrets

I flutter, flicker, flirt

Safely on the cutting of edges 

Blind spots ahead

Keeping my eyes wide open

Born under the sun of Leo 

Big heat, mind like a library

I love I love I love 

I reclaim

I commune

I rally

Make them roots rising 

I see you

I hold you

I stand by you

I do

With my whole heart

I am here

To love you.