Shana Malu

Assistent facilitator | Yopo assistent

In life I have done, undertaken, researched and personally experienced much and always from a sincere interest in how life,
 the world, people and especially myself really work.
Why are we the way we are? Why do we act the way we do?
We are all connected to each other, but how does that works and especially, what does this connection mean to me?

Plant medicines have been a thread running through this process.
I started 15 years ago with my first glass of ayahuasca to find out where my anxiety came from and what I had to do to get rid of it.
The answers I found were not the answers I thought I would find, nor did they come from a great epiphany during a ceremony with ayahuasca. Moreover, the real answers came only 14 years after my first encounter with plant medicine.
And yes, indeed, quite recently.

But in the meantime I had a great time during my quest, because every step along exotic unknown lands,
dark unconscious layers and fantastic unseen realities brought me to the point where I am right now.
In the here and now.
Surely the place where it all happens. In fact, the only place where it all happens.

How my quest ended? By dancing with real life.
With as an entry point that which every human being is equipped with.
With that which gives us our humanity.
And that which opened for me the true way to meSelf: Emotions.
And after many wanderings Emotion Coaching came on my path.
A method that takes emotions as a navigation system for life.
For me this was the missing link between everything I had ever learned and everything I had ever done.

What was really missing for me in those 12 years of working with plant medicine was that link to everyday life, or this physical reality.
With the Emotion Coach method, this missing link was filled in.
And not only that, I also found my passion with it, because now I am a graduated Emotion Coach
 and – besides guiding ceremonies – I love nothing more than helping people to reconnect with themselves,
to sink back into their heart frequency and to invite them to discover themselves in all their completeness.
And all that through those crazy, sometimes tricky, but always helpful emotions!